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We’ve built our community around a commitment to living our best and healthiest lives, and you will always find support as you begin your journey.  Let’s begin writing your story together!

Amanda Hamm

After giving birth to her daughter she was seeking balance in her career and life. She didn’t want to return to her career as a corporate recruiter so she sought out other options. Amanda now spends her days juggling mom life and a massive global online business from her cell phone. She is a multiple six figure income earner, top 200 achiever & future company millionaire…with zero industry experience!

Elizabeth Leconey

The founder of the Inspired Wellness Community with over 20,000 people.  She is the one who introduced me to this new way of life. She fosters a community of growth, empowerment, and success. People who come with zero prior experience are able to not only create better and healthier versions of themselves, but also for many, a residual income stream to fund their passions and goals. She left her corporate job in 2014 after matching and exceeding her income in 12 months and has never looked back!

Andrea Labouchere

The struggle between teaching and being a mom is real. Andrea found herself spending more time with her students than her own kids. After Amanda introduced her to a healthier way of life, Andrea was determined to pay it forward. Once she realized the potential this business could have for her and her family, she dove straight in!  Within a year Andrea had doubled (then tripled) her teaching salary and was able to hang up her teaching hat and began Teaching Freedom as a six figure income earner and full time mom.

Lindy O’Connor

Proposal Manager by day and Wellness Entrepreneur by night! Five years ago, Lindy was looking to get her pre-baby body back. After an incredible transformation, she fell in love with helping others and a side gig was born! Lindy built a five-figure side business while working full time and juggling life with 5 kids. Even most recently she let her business take a back seat and she still was compensated generously – this is the beauty of residual income!

Jennifer Saltorous

With over 7 years of experience in the network marketing and direct sales industry, Jen brings incredible experience to our team. She is the go-to girl for all things food allergies (nut, gluten, dairy) and a fitness/workout junkie. After 6 years with another company, she joined us and has already doubled her best month ever in less than a year! Jen has made it her mission to help other busy Mamas simplify their family’s nutrition (and their life) and loves showing them how they can turn it into another stream of significant income, just like she has!

Kimberly Plott

Creating a fitness business centered around caring for others has been a longtime dream of hers. Kim is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, a Barre Above & Essentrics Certified Instructor. She knew that premium nutrition was a critical element in her line of work, so it only made sense to align with a company that shared the same vision. She now offers health, fitness, nutrition and an opportunity to build your own online wellness franchise. This financial opportunity has provided a very lucrative second stream of income for her business.

Christie & Wally Yovetich

As life long entrepreneurs, Christie and Wally opened Sculpt-It Fitness and knew that they had to make nutrition a pillar of their fitness programs. Christie is an IAFS Certified Personal Trainer in Functional Training and Nutrition, 235 HR Hatha Yoga Instructor, Jazzercise Instructor, and a Group Fitness Instructor. Wally lettered seven times in high school football, wrestling, and track and went on to play football for Rocky Mountain College and Montana State University. After college he joined the Air Force and became the Squadron Fitness officer for each Unit he was assigned. After a 21-year career in the Air Force, he became an owner of the Billings Outlaws Professional Indoor Football Team and the owner of 3 Subway franchices. At that time, he became acquainted with Sports Specific Training and Group Fitness training principles. His commitment to health and fitness spans 50 years.

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Disclaimer: Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual’s business skills, personal ambition, time commitment, activity and demographic factors and should not be construed as typical or average.